Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I do Illustrator Tutorials #1

I'm trying to brush up on my Adobe Illustrator skills, my Adobe program of choice during my landscape architecture degree for computer rendering, at least for initial treatment of CAD files.

Anyway, the way I taught myself Illustrator was a skill at a time, as I had need of it, by looking up how-to's with the power of Google. I guess I am still sort of doing the same thing, except at the moment I am just building my skills without a particular landscape design project to apply them to (though I have a few projects stewing). I just finished doing this Spoon Graphics decorative drop-cap tutorial. I hardly ever built a design in Illustrator using simple shapes, usually choosing to blob brush things etc., so it was a great way for me to continue thinking about how I can use the program's offset and pathfinder tools to my benefit. I stuck with the "S" of the tutorial because that's my first initial anyway. It also gave me the opportunity to download some lovely serif fonts, though I could not use the one in the tutorial since that is no longer a free font.

Font: Elsie, c. Alejandro Inler and downloaded from FontSquirrel

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