Monday, February 15, 2016

Ship Fill Sorta-Sampler

I finished up this sorta-sampler a few days ago. My starting idea was to embroider a sperm whale and ship scene. I could tell from a google image search that it was going to be hard to find a scrimshaw or engraving that I could use for the purpose, however, since this was supposed to be a small fun project for myself inbetween other learning projects and gift projects.  I was browsing through the vintage embroidery transfer patterns on the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers Flickr group and found this pattern that was the most scrimshaw-ish of the lot.
At the same time I scaled down my idea to doing just a ship, I also came across this project on an old blog post, and google also led me to this project, which used the sails to do a sampler of embroidery fills! Awesome.

My pattern was too small to really learn much from doing each fill, but I had a lot of fun looking at tonnes of fills and stitches and making sure I had a good variety of techniques. And since it was a tiny project for myself I don't mind the imperfections in my fills... much!

I love progress photos. Bless every embroiderer and blogger who posts progress photos, I learn so much from them. So, in that vein, the progress!
Traced onto the fabric (left over from my initials project).
Starting fills
Fills done! Backstitching the outlines. After I was done backstitching I realized I didn't like the look of the backstitching at all, so I whipped all the stitches to give them a smoother more contained look for the fills (while watching Flight of the Conchords, so of course now whenever I whip backstitches I will relive memories of FotC. Does anyone else form these associations? I can't look at certain projects without reliving scenes from 30 Rock, or The Office, or Poirot, etc., etc).

Completed project. Kind of sweetly scruffy and askew, I think. 

Stitches: Cloud stitching, double buttonhole, herringbone, french knots, triangles, turkey work, scroll stitch, half-cretan combination stitch, square laid work, Japanese darning stitch (done very poorly, that's where my "askew" comes in), fly stitch, seed stitch. Split stitch, stem stitch, and chain stitch on the staysails. The pennants are in itty bitty satin stitch, the portholes are in forbidden stitch. Ship outlines and waves in stem stitch, and backstitch on the rigging.

Threads: DMC cotton perle 8 in white, DMC cotton perle 12 in 310 (black)

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