Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Taking up embroidery

I mentioned embroidery in my last post. This is a craft that I recently took up,  and I absolutely love it.  So far I have concentrated on making gifts for other people as a way to learn stitches and techniques. Soon I will start two kits for myself, with a view to determining what my personal embroidery "style" is. That will inform the designs I come up with for my personal enjoyment.
This is my first big project (unframed when photographed): Two decorative initials for a friend's young daughters, with motifs adapted from an old Therese de Dillmont book. My friend had chosen bright pink for an accent her daughters' room, and I tried to extend the 'life' of the piece (as far as age/decorative value) by choosing more grown-up coloured threads. The stitching is all done in 1 strand of DMC floss--a lot of work!--but it needed to be that fine to accomplish the design.

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