Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Still going

I thought I should update my blog, since I didn't realize the last post I published was about the imminent death of my dear cat.

Though Livy is spending the afternoon in semi-comatose state (she discovered a Christmas present for her in a gift bag this morning and spent an hour in ecstasy and excitement before my mother figured out what was going on and hid the present a little better), she is still kickin'. I don't know why, I mean, her health is still precarious in that she has very little heart function and the diuretics are still needed to keep the fluid off her lungs, but she still has quite the verve for life and is a daily delight. She's skinnier, she's fussy as all get out with her food, she can't jump as high as she used to, and her cataracts continue to get worse, but those are the complaints of any senior cat, and she's still utterly devoted to sniffing out rodent activity a total sweetheart.

(PS: sorry for the bad image quality, it hasn't really been bright enough lately to get clear pictures on my phone's camera)

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