Saturday, March 09, 2013

For now

This is my first animated .gif attempt. I thought Livy's twitchy tail would be fitting, since it's a common attitude for her. She is actually dying of heart failure, and some evenings when she is feeling really unwell, she doesn't move her tail at all, just lies there with her eyes glazed over. So, when Livy is feeling well enough to stare out the window and swish her tail around, it's a welcome sight.

I don't mean to invest this .gif with sad thoughts! I was content when I took the video, and am very grateful for the month I have had with her since her diagnosis, especially since she never responded to treatment. Though she is slowing down day by day, she is quite dedicated to keeping up with her daily mouse patrol and bird-watching duties. She will tell me when it is time to go.

P.S: Sorry if the .gif is so big that it takes too much time to load. I decided to risk a huge .gif in order to capture the full tail swish, and also because I intended it for my computer dashboard, not optimal web use.