Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It felt nice.

Needle Felted Livy A friend had a mini Stitch 'N Bitch yesterday. I didn't have the right knitting needles to start my own project, so I latched on to her needle felting supplies and decided to give it a whirl myself. It took all night. There's a reason needle felting goes for the prices it does on Etsy. But there's also a reason you can find a fair bit of needle felting on Etsy; it's fun. Definitely inspired me to invest in my own needle felting tools, if I ever get the time.

My inspiration was my own cat Olivia. I wasn't able to reach any level of exactitude, and I decided to forgo things like "legs", but that was a good decision because this little cat is still cute enough to keep me company on my keyboard while I work on my thesis.

I bought some plants today. Maybe I will supplement the excessive cat blogging with a little more plant blogging.

PS: My friend's Etsy shop is here

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The Garden Ms. S said...

I love the felt cat! Wow, great first go at it. :)