Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunday Walk in Guelph

A friend and I borrowed another friend's dog two Sundays past and spent almost two hours tramping around Guelph's Preservation Park.

Keep Away

Cooper didn't actually see this ball embedded in the tree so she couldn't regret the missed opportunity. Dog's don't see red or orange very well, it looks brownish grey to them (true fact!).

Tire swing in winter

This tire swing was looking a little sad in the big empty winter field. My friend said it could be an example of "loose space."

Yep, that's her thesis topic. We can't really escape these things, they haunt us even when we're out getting ourselves 'lost' in a local park.


Houseplants by scosborne
Houseplants, a photo by scosborne on Flickr.
I retrieved a few house plants from a friend yesterday. I'm quite happy to have something to watch and take care of again.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It felt nice.

Needle Felted Livy A friend had a mini Stitch 'N Bitch yesterday. I didn't have the right knitting needles to start my own project, so I latched on to her needle felting supplies and decided to give it a whirl myself. It took all night. There's a reason needle felting goes for the prices it does on Etsy. But there's also a reason you can find a fair bit of needle felting on Etsy; it's fun. Definitely inspired me to invest in my own needle felting tools, if I ever get the time.

My inspiration was my own cat Olivia. I wasn't able to reach any level of exactitude, and I decided to forgo things like "legs", but that was a good decision because this little cat is still cute enough to keep me company on my keyboard while I work on my thesis.

I bought some plants today. Maybe I will supplement the excessive cat blogging with a little more plant blogging.

PS: My friend's Etsy shop is here

Monday, February 06, 2012

Bearing fruit

Some of my thesis ideas are starting to bear fruit, though I still can't say I have been as productive as I need or want to be. This picture of an apple tree in full bloom was taken by Lucy Maud Montgomery in Cavendish, PEI. I wanted to use the image in a presentation I gave today on my "preliminary research findings." Because the jpeg was so small, I adapted it very simply in Adobe Illustrator.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Cat's in the Fennel

Cat's in the Fennel

You got me, Livy isn't actually in the fennel in this image. She does spend a lot of time in the fennel when she is outside, but that is harder to get a picture of since the cat has tremendous powers of camouflage. She usually jumps up on the deck whenever I make the attempt. I will do anything for a punny blog post title, though.