Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to the slow crushing

Because to me, thesis writing is more like the garbage compactor scene from the first Star Wars movie than it is a "daily grind." Although "slow crushing" does not really describe my state of mind at the moment, I know that the closer the deadlines get, the more apt it will be. It's the nature of the beast.

In any case, I'm back from PEI, back from Ontario, back from Virginia, so here comes the crushing! It's nice to know I have so much material to use up on procrastination blog posts! But for now, it's back to the compactor. Meerkats at Monticello Thomas Jefferson's estate Monticello was the highlight of the Virginia trip for me. Colonial Williamsburg has a hard time trying to tell the story of such a large, diverse site. Monticello, in contrast, just makes sense, and as a result offers a much more fulfilling experience, "in my humble opinion." The meerkats liked it too.

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