Saturday, October 22, 2011

LMM thesis talk: Leaskdale

I made it up to Leaskdale today, to visit the Manse where Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote 11 books and lived for 15 years. I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures, but I don't have internet access where I am staying, so I'll have to wait on that for a few days. I tend to think of trees as very permanent parts of the landscape, but it seems every couple months I need to be retaught the lesson that 91 years can actually bring about some pretty significant changes. The main example from Leaskdale that I am thinking of is the view from the North-facing kitchen window, but to tide you over (I'm sure the anticipation is deadly) I'll just share this image of the road visible from LMM's front porch, back when she lived there, and then when Google Streetview passed by a few years ago. Just wait til I get to load my pictures from today! I guarantee dump trucks, piles of gravel, and culverts. If LMM were alive today... well let's just say there would be quite the series of irate journal entries.
This is what Lucy Maud saw
This is what the Streetview car saw. It's not an exact match for angle or perspective, but if you squint a little bit you can see bits of the ridge of LMM's hill in gaps between the white cedars. There seem to be way more drainage issues in the ditch along the road now, compared to what there was in LMM's day - just another environmental effect of road construction! But I should stop there before I get distracted from my actual research.

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