Thursday, October 06, 2011

I'm in PEI!

It is cold, wet, and blowing a gale out there. I finally made it over to PEI to do some research for my MLA thesis. Even in a gale, PEI is just a beautiful province. It's interesting though seeing just how cohesive it is as a landscape - I don't want to call it uniform or unvarying, but it just feels like the province as a whole shares more in its landscape/environmental form than other provinces do (I'm thinking of Nova Scotia, but I know it's not the only one). Anyway. I wasn't able to do any site visits today because of the storm, but I did manage to see a little of the shore and eat some really good breaded cod. (I think it was cod) And look, internet! Creepy Fox Creepy Fox. Sorry PEI, but Nova Scotia has much prettier foxes. Some storm pictures: Field and Sea Gale Birds I call this one "Gale Birds." Ha! hilarious. But really, the seagulls are having a blast out there. They really make a past time out of aeronautics, you can tell just by watching them play the gusts. storm drift


The Garden Ms. S said...

Oh, that is a fox for halloween. :)

Love the last photo btw!

Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful.

Sarah O. said...

Isn't he though! Despite his total indifference to the presence of gawking tourists, I still expected his eyes to start glowing red.

It was one of those thanksgivings where every dish was prepared exactly right, and I almost ate myself into a food coma. I hope yours was the same. :)