Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock fan

My father is a little fanatical about not having any large rocks in a lawn area. Even if a rock or boulder is just barely showing itself above ground, and the grass is growing over it, he still needs to dig it out. After he dug this one out a few years ago and had nowhere to move it, I suggested he shove it over a few feet into the garden on the front bank. Et voila! One of my favourite little garden vignettes - iris foliage, lavender, self-seeded bracken ferns and an exuberant Frans Hals daylily, backlit by the late August sun.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cute Cat.

Livy is absolutely adorable. That cat makes taking a break from thesis research a joy. Also, I love that Joe Pye Weed, which has settled in to it's full light location very enthusiastically. The 'Goldsturm' Rudbeckia is none too shabby either -- it positively glows in the September evening light. And this is the best year we've ever had for the Autumn Joy sedum. I finally see why it's considered a strong autumn plant.