Sunday, May 02, 2010

City Robins Litter.

Last year I posted pictures of a lone robins egg in an abandoned nest in our yard. The likelihood of coming across another one this year is slightly diminished due to living in an apartment. However, look at what I came across on Douglas Street here in Guelph today:

douglas street egg

And close-up:

robin egg street

Turdus migratorious, total guttersnipe.


Anonymous said...

How very observant. I think the little robin got away...


L-girl said...

I find one or two of these every spring in Mississauga. I saw one yesterday on a long walk with Tala. They make me sad, even though it's a natural thing.

L-girl said...

Nice photo, too, btw. The close-up is really lovely.

Sarah O. said...

I have seen robins with eggshells in their claws drop the empty shells over water or in other yards from the one they have a nest in - so I like to think the little birds are doing okay.