Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunny afternoon in Guelph

It's reading week, so I have absolutely no excuse not to post something from my occasional wanderings in Guelph. I normally take the bus home but one day last week I decided to walk. I became very distracted by the geese and ducks along the river, and a half hour walk turned into an hour and 10 minutes. It was lovely.

Speed river skaters

This was actually taken a day or two earlier as I was walking home from the bus. It was taken from the Heffernan St. Bridge. The rink area just gets longer and longer as the temperature stays under 0 C.

speed river geese

Some of the many geese that overwinter here in Guelph. I think there are more here now than there were in January, but it could just be the milder weather.

Speed River along Arthur St. S.

Old industrial building and the Speed River. This building is pretty modern from the street side - plenty of painted corrugated metal siding and steel doors - but there's still some older building bits facing the river. I wonder how much of the interior space is still in use? According to the faded painting on the building facade, this place was at one time home to Canada's only fridge manufacturers.