Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scotland Found

I started taking pictures of Guelph to share on the blog and with friends, when I realized my memory card had become dislodged and my images were recording onto the built-in camera memory. Along with those photos, I discovered a handful of images from my 2006 trip to Scotland (!!!) that I never downloaded to my computer. Here are the usable ones from that batch:

stones in Argyll, Scotland 2006

This one is of standing stones somewhere in Argyll, on the way from Crinan back to Lochgilphead.

Across from Crinan, Scotland 2006

This is taken at the mouth of the Crinan Canal, looking across the water. I was told a tale about the ghost of a hand-less bagpiper haunting the basement of the house. Charming!

Crinan boat Scotland 2006

This was also taken at the mouth of the Crinan Canal.

Finding those images really, really, really made me want to go back to Scotland. Maybe I will get the chance to work there some day, after this degree is finished (fingers crossed) and before I settle down in my own "New Scotland."


Ryan said...

Looks almost as good as New Scotland ;)

Sarah O. said...

Eeep! I've become terrible at answering comments. A full week! My apologies.

I have to admit - is this disloyal? - that I find Scotland awfully beautiful! But I was looking at an old book of poetry today (called "The Land We Love," it's pretty much a celebration of the British Empire) and found an Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem which says, "As if God's finger touched, but did not press/In making England!) such an up and down/Of verdure,--nothing too much up or down"

I think you could describe Nova Scotia that way too. :)