Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thesis: Formatted

My thesis is complete! At least until I have my defence and they tell me to change things. I had a nightmare of a wrestling match with Microsoft Word the last few days - the full thesis file became corrupted and it was entirely unusable. Had to break everything back down into its composite parts, re-format what I'd lost, and print it off separately. But it's finished! Now I just have to deliver. If I get hit by a bus tomorrow I'll be really mad.

Friday, August 07, 2009


Abandoned Robin nest

Poor robin's egg, abandoned by it's parents. I don't know why they gave up on their nest. Too many grackles around? Lost a parent? The rainy weather? I don't know if the bluejays ever reached fledgling stage - we had a very bad rainstorm one night and I never saw them again, and maybe the same happened to the robins.

In any case, this forlorn little egg just about breaks my heart, and I'm trying my best not to draw any comparisons to my ridiculous thesis turmoil and swift-approaching deadline.

robins egg macro