Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hope springs eternal thesis completion

I'm eager to get on with my thesis and with some early spring seed-sowing in the coldframe, but the latter must wait on the construction of said coldframe (fingers crossed it is finished before my father --the builder-- goes on vacation to Arizona), and the former waits on, well, my ability to get over my strong aversion to all academic writing even remotely related to Ian McKay. McKay, you're very smart, but you are my wall.

I know it's self-evident, but it is still worth repeating: the longer you work on a thesis, the longer it takes to complete it. It's like a mathematical formula that never approaches zero. Jana, Jacquie, can you shed a little light on this for me?

I can at least take solace in the fact that as the days get longer my determination to finish the thesis grows as well. Spring = thesis completed = flowers and gardening, and this kind of thinking might just be what helps get me through the next month or so. Then I can enjoy things like this:

yellow flag iris

Yellow flag irises in the front yard,

heuchera flowers

An unnamed, pretty non-descript green heuchera variety with the most intense coral flowers,


And the serene blooms and soft, leathery leaves of the magnolia.


Gardenista said...

Sarah - Thanks for the blog visit. That's a good point about the dahlias. I know my neighbour has grown them, but I don't know if he started them early indoors. I probably start mine indoors, as our frost free season is around 90 days.

Those are some nice pictures of flowers - eye candy for this time of year! Too funny too that my dad is a builder, currently on vacation in Arizona! I'm not holding out for any coldframe though. Good luck!

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