Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter eye candy

I went through some of last year's pictures tonight, looking for something to post. I haven't taken many (any?) pictures lately I thought worth sharing. Although I have been considering sharing some of my thesis work with you, I'm also nervous because the darn thing just isn't finished. Oh, in principle it's all there, but the fine tuning is not finished that will allow me to sign my name on it with satisfaction.

It was absolutely wonderful therapy looking at these pictures tonight. I had almost forgotten that things like warmth and green and busy insects and baby hares and blooming flowers and watchful frogs and keen-eyed thrushes even existed! Spring and summer are going to be sublime when they finally arrive!

Since I was doing what was essentially "window shopping" in my photo files, I thought I would share some eye candy with you -- candy tuft, that is. After planting it two years ago, the annual candy tuft has seeded with polite abandon, and pollinating insects seem to love it. To take this lame-duck metaphor to its sad, pathetic conclusion, you might even say they are "sweet" on it?

Don't worry, I'm clutching my head and groaning for you. Here are my pics:

Candytuft butterfly


Candytuft bumblebee


Candy Tuft hummingbird moth

and Hummingbird Moth

and a bonus, for your patience:

july 08 planter

This is last year's planter in front of the bay window (its last summer there).

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