Thursday, January 15, 2009


halifax at night

I regret that I have been neglected this blog for the last few months. November was a creative dry spell, December I spent making presents, and January, well, this month my time is occupied by grad school applications and my thesis. Yes, that darn thesis. I have decided to finish it after all, so I have been immersing myself in 144 pages of not-yet-edited paving campaigns and tourism brochures, plus books about 1930s provincial politics and tourism across Canada. I'm finally determined to finish.

One of the few absolute positives about finishing this thesis is that I am forced to be in town more and therefore guaranteed to have more ferry trips. No matter whether the ferry is packed with people or practically empty, I always love a ferry ride, especially during the sailing off-season. I took the above picture from the ferry one night in November when the light and my shutter speed had a moment of cooperation. The sentence on the next photo is carved into one of the seats on the bottom deck. I often wonder what the person was going through when he or she wrote it. I imagine some desperate, lonely gambler making his way home from the Casino and am reminded once again why I don't like gambling (even when Georgette Heyer makes it a subject of irony and humour in the Regency Era).

Ferry Depression

Of course, that is an awfully depressing photo to leave off on, especially in a post that should essentially communicate my optimism. Between this post and my "Dartmouth Gothic" post the evidence is growing that Seasonal Affective Disorder may have set up camp in my brain - so in honour of the American robin that I saw on the lilac bush on Sunday, I'll end with warmer thoughts:

robin fluffing

I call this one "Robin Fluffing".

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