Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Coconut snow

Marshmallow snowman

One of the things you learn about Nova Scotia very quickly is that it has very changeable weather, no matter what the time of year. In the winter, you might get an arctic blast followed by snow moving in from the west followed by a warm wind coming up from the southeast that turns everything to rain and slush and fog, while 20 kilometres away they have snowpellets and just over the hill from them it is sunny, all within eight hours. There might be 10 knots of wind in Halifax harbour and 54 knots of wind in Cheticamp. Some people don't like this changeability and randomness at all. Me, I eat it up. I love the unpredictable weather. My mother loves the opportunities for amateur meteorology. But I wouldn't complain if just one day, it snowed coconut. I like coconut too.

This snowman - all credit going to my friend Jana - is from the gingerbread house Mom and I made this year, which is a replica (in shape, at least) of the Pleasant Point lighthouse.

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