Saturday, January 31, 2009

The cat said...

head in the chair

..."wake me when winter's over."

She made the mistake of looking out the window and saw this:

snow craters

She's right, the landscape does look a bit like one of Saturn's moons right now:


But I'm still optimistic that spring is coming. The Goldfinches are putting on their summer colours, and the bluejays are looking brighter too.

image of Dione, credit NASA/JPL (download here)


Layanee said...

I've noticed the finches brightening colors also! Spring has to come! Love the cat's response to snow.

Sarah O. said...

Yes, she's very cold-averse, even though her paws are so covered in long fur (between her toes too) that she pretty much has built-in snowshoes. She is just desperate for spring to come, and with it a grass buffet. The papyrus that has suffered from her ravages is looking forward to it as well.