Monday, January 26, 2009

Boreal Chickadee soap opera in the works?

Almost year ago I blogged about our first sighting of a Boreal Chickadee in our yard. We saw him periodically through the summer and then not at all in the autumn. About two weeks ago we saw the Boreal Chickadee for this first time this winter. Today as I was standing at the kitchen window I saw a little flash at the suet feeder, and saw not just one Boreal, but another one waiting for his or her time at the suet.

Boreal chickadee

I'm trying not to be too optimistic, but I thought I saw them inspecting a tree back in the woods that has a chickadee-sized birdhouse on it. The pair could be parent-child, siblings, or Just Friends, but I'm hoping that they are teaming up for slightly more procreational purposes (which I think is likely, since from what I can tell of our Boreal, he/she is solitary). This would be very cool, not just because I take an inappropriate amount of interest in the breeding activities of the birds in our yard, but because Boreal Chickadee populations have declined 73 per cent in the last 40 years.

I'm totally going to be the nosy neighbour watching family drama through the dining room window, binoculars in hand. You can rest assured I'll send all the Chickadee gossip your way...

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