Thursday, November 06, 2008

Poxy Foxy

baby arctic fox

Foxes are great. They're one of my favourite animals. And you can't really blame one if he accidentally comes down with rabies and just happens to bite a human, can you? It's what rabid foxes do. Nevertheless, it isn't the fox in this story that deserves all the attention - it's the female jogger who "ran a mile with the animal's jaws clamped on her arm and then drove herself to a hospital."

It bit her foot, and when she went to pry it off, it bit her arm. So she continued jogging back to her car, threw it in the trunk (so it could be tested for rabies, naturally), and drove to a hospital. That woman is badass and street/nature smart. Awesome.

The fox at the top of this post is of course not the fox in question, but rather a totally adorable and absolutely menacing baby fox that was at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park last summer. For illustration's sake.

**Update: I found this story on a couple blogs, and it looks like it is getting picked up now by the news organizations as well. The BBC version is here.

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