Monday, November 24, 2008

I crochet it back

Perhaps my blog the other day was a little premature. It was poorly titled, at least, because I haven't really been blue this November (I chose the colour because of the reference). And second, I have actually been doing some creative things. Cooking and baking, for one, which I consider a creative activity because it is all about knowing your ingredients and I never stick to recipes. But as well as practicing my culinary skills, I taught myself to crochet. Why? For purely self-interested reasons - because I love Christmas ornaments, and I wanted to make them for myself.

snowflake in progress


The stitches are easy enough in crochet - the real challenge is in figuring out what the directions mean. It's a great activity for long winter evenings spent by the fire. The one downfall is that you can't read and crochet at the same time. Maybe it's time to bring back those pre-radio-era evenings when families read out loud while spending time in the sitting room. But not if that means I have to stop watching Lost.

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