Thursday, November 20, 2008

Creative November blues

I have not been terribly inspired since the month started, especially as far as photography goes. I have been making plenty of messes in the kitchen - from cashew chicken curry, to cranberry scones, to apple pumpkin muffins, to rosehip jam, to leek soup - but artistically I am trying to soldier on through until the bug hits me again. Maybe it is some kind of ancient human behaviour, that we put aside art for the month of November in order to prepare our homes and larders for the long winter ahead.

Last night as I was ready to stumble (okay, jump; can I help it that in my mid-20's I still jump into bed? No. Fear of things that grab you by the ankles is timeless, just ask my father and his prankster boss) into bed, I decided to quickly take a picture of a messy little corner of my dresser. Was it inspiration hitting me, or merely a half-asleep delusion?

feather abstract

Who knows, but I am happy with the result - this abstract little feather photo. Past blog posts have focused on the inspiration I find (only somewhat oddly) in feathers. But more importantly, capturing this image reminded me that you can't force anything in November, unless you are forcing bulbs (which is a great way to cheer yourself up in the winter, hint hint - those cheap amaryllis and hyacinth bulbs at the grocery store are worth it).

Maybe I wish I was being more productive getting the garden ready for its winter sleep, painting trim in the garage, editing my semi-abandoned thesis, or sketching new garden plans and doing some watercolour painting. But November is for roosting - for gathering around you all the warm and comfortable things that will help you make it through the winter - and if that means creativity is put on the back burner for a while, you can't think of that as a negative thing. And if you are lucky, while you are off doing other things, inspiration will find you, if just for a moment.

chilling hyacinth

Hyacinth bulb waiting in the dark of the coldroom until it is time to come out

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Sacred Suzie said...

I think working with food and flowers is incredibly creative! I know what you mean though, I too have not been able to do anything craftsy or artsy at all. I'm wondering if it's the loss in sunlight. If I can't see by natural light...???!!!

I love those photos! Photography can also be about the things you are doing right now, I'd love to see your food!