Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Refired Retired

Motoring across the harbour on Saturday morning on the way to the race start, we saw smoke coming from the Dartmouth Shipyards. Later in the day (much later - it was a long race), as we rounded the buoy at Dartmouth Cove we saw the cause of the black smoke - a Canadian Coast Guard ship, which was being refitted, was apparently/possibly the object of an arson attack. Since they moved the race finish to the Dartmouth Cove buoy, I had time after the race to take pictures.

Burned-out ships aren't normally my preferred photo subjects. I prefer flowers and kitty cats and teddy-bears, dontcha know. But my mother likes to document odd things - dead rats, broken appliances, that sort of thing - so I thought she might appreciate some pictures of the ship, since she was not sailing with us. And since I don't have any other pictures from this past Thanksgiving and birthday weekend, you get to see one too.

Refit up in flames

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