Thursday, October 23, 2008

Golden age of sail

Sailing is over for the year and the boat came out of the water yesterday. Today we received an email from our skipper about boat improvements, including an exciting addition to the boat* - a swanky new mainsail.

When we talk about the colour gold in autumn, we're usually talking about the changing leaves, but since I have sailing on the brain, I want to share this picture instead, taken during a race in July. The breeze can drop off dramatically in the July and August evenings. This is not usually a problem for us (so long as we stay ahead of the pack), but the slower boats are often still racing when the evening land/sea breeze change happens. This makes for a sometimes-difficult tactical decision; do you take the shortest course to the finish line, which may mean being blanketed by McNab's Island, or do you take the longer course, where there may be more wind?

golden age of sail

I'm glad I will have pictures to help me remember those golden evenings when the north wind is whipping around the eaves and blasting ice against the windows.

*exciting if you are a sailor and like high-tech sails, that is.

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