Friday, October 24, 2008

Crossings colour

I did get at least one picture of fall colour before the wind started whipping the leaves off all the trees. I took this last Friday at the edge of (believe it or not) Dartmouth Crossings. You can find beauty in odd places, even though the park itself looks like one giant scar on the landscape. (Dartmouth Crossings is a big-box store commercial park, for those of you not from around here)

Dusk glow

I actually give Dartmouth Crossings credit for their plant selection for the medians and sidewalk plantings in the park. They have lots of grasses and hardy roses and even Russian sage and profusely flowering lavender, and the shrubs and trees are all well chosen for their fully grown size. I have been known to grab a few lavender flower stalks on occasion, they make the car smell heavenly. I have to approve lavender in a business park.


Sacred Suzie said...

Great photo and I agree, beauty can be found in unexpected places.

I'm back and all the leaves are gone from the trees and now need raking.

There is weird energy in the air, NS truly is a Celtic place. I'm so glad I bought a pumpkin, I can sense that I truly need a jack-o-lantern for Halloween night. It'll be my first here and I'm happy to be home and looking forward to that spooky night.

Anonymous said...

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