Monday, September 01, 2008

Changes in the wind...

The news from me will be along shortly - but the primary note of interest is that I have put off my next degree for another year, and will be able to spend another blissful autumn and damp winter here in my beautiful home province. It also means more sailing, a definite doubleplusgood.

Hopefully I'll be able to start going through pictures soon and posting them along with some words about my doings in August (Chester Race Week, nephews, forest fire scars, gardening, blueberries, and so on). But since it is Labour Day, I naturally intend to do some fun labour - we have a few plants (oh, just a handful really!) strategically hidden around the yard that need to be planted.

Think that "few" and "hidden" doesn't really reveal the true state of things? Well, they were all on sale, at least...

Anyway, until my next photo editing mood, I leave you with this peaceful scene from the Public Gardens. It definitely helped me on the day that I took it. At the risk of over-explaining its appeal to me, I like the combination of blur and texture from the leaves and grasses.


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