Monday, August 04, 2008

Ghost Plant

Aka Indian Pipes, (although I dislike that name), aka Monotropa uniflora. Apparently these are not fungi, but they are saprophytes (live on decaying matter), and are related to blueberries and rhododendrons!

Indian Pipes

Indian Pipes are best known facing down, but these ones turned face-up sometime over the last day or two. Taken in our woods.

There are some lovely, much better photos of these on flickr.


Sacred Suzie said...

They're gorgeous! You have woods? Wow.

Thank you for confirming that my husband wasn't still pulling my chain on the origin of Blomidon! I still was 100% sure but that link helped. :)

You're right, the history here is amazing and the stories are endless.

Ryan said...

Your photos are awesome. Sounds pretty lame and simplistic, but true.

Not really sure if those are flowers or some kind of beautiful fungus...

Sacred Suzie said...

Hey Sarah, do you know if there is going to be an exhibition this Labour Day weekend? I always go wherever I am but can't seem to figure out if one is happening here. I also heard about a Windsor ex which I could love to go to. Any info would really help. I hope you're doing OK and not getting the blues because of the grey sky. I personally love this weather but I'm weird that way. :)

Sarah O. said...

I have been sadly negligent this month with my blog reading and commenting, my apologies Suzie! I'm not aware of any Labour Day exes, so even if I replied earlier I wouldn' have been much help. I know Annapolis Valley is in August, and I think the Halifax Co. one is over now too? But the Hants Co. one, which takes place in Sept., is really nice, especially if you make a day of it and take the old #1 highway instead of the 101, and stop at Thomas McCullough House or Howard Dill's pumpkin farm - home of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin! Don't know if you eat meat, but the fresh sausages in the vendor section at the Hant's Co. are SOOOO delicious.