Friday, July 11, 2008


We bought a scanner in preparation for today's trip to Pleasant Point/Kent Island, my grandmother's family home, for a small reunion and a chance to look at photos and family memorabilia. Today's event followed the death of my great uncle, Ivan Kent, in March. He was a great story-teller, a real troublemaker (with his brother Graham), a welcoming host alongside his wife Mildred, and much more besides.

In the end, though, we weren't really able to get through much family lore at all, although I did find one of the most confusing postcards ever (and quite a few racy, risque, and often highly offensive sailors/soldiers postcards from the Second World War. The most common punchline involved a woman's rear end being shaped like a heart). Tell me, do you think the viewer is supposed to assume most of these babies are going to drown? What is the point of sending them to their deaths on a play train? Do you think the little girl in the bonnet has masterminded it all? And do you think this early form of photo-shopping is more or less appealing than Anne Geddes' baby-in-a-pumpkin-type work?

The first picture above, by the way, is in fact the Kent family lighthouse, viewed from the house. It is also a very recent photo, as the power lines indicate - May 2008, in fact. Please forgive me my own immoderate photo editing, whether or not it is as heinous as the Victorian example above.


Sacred Suzie said...

That's a NEW photo? You did an excellent job at aging it, amazing. I am thoroughly impressed.

You live in a stunning area and I can just imagine how beautiful it is to ride there on a motorcycle, OMG, that would be the greatest. I loved doing that when we lived near Quebec, when it was too hot to breathe we would drive out to the Gatineau looking for cool pockets of air by the water.

I will have to look up Martinique Beach and check out that fish place you mentioned. I do love the seafood here. I've heard a lot about Musquodoboit. I loved the houses there, too bad you can't live there if you don't drive.

Sarah O. said...

Yes, as a place to live, everyone is a commuter and we have to work that into our budgets! But it's nice and we have quite a few amenities without having to go in town. So many of the people I went to school with couldn't wait to leave, lived in town for 5 years or so and now they're all moving back, buying and building homes! It gets in your blood. :)