Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ankles Schmankles

I'm up to my neck in thesis, a little water is nuttin' (knock on wood, obviously, I don't need a downpour in my office while I'm writing).

I'm up late writing tonight, but felt like a little procrastination was in order as well. We are putting in a patio, and Mom has done a lot of backbreaking work to clear out the grass and clay soil. Then we got a month's worth of rain in two days. And this was what our new patio looked like:

The water mostly drained away (we have drainage issues; one of the reasons for the patio), but not before our backyard lake was discovered by a frog. No pictures of him at the moment, but he's totally adorable.

P.S.: I'll have the silly/cheesy photo editing out of my system soon, I swear I half-heartedly commit no, really.


Sacred Suzie said...

The rain has been crazy hasn't it? Brought own lawn back from the dead so that's good but not so good about your flooding! I like the cheesy program you're using for photos, what is it? I need it! I'm bored of my pictures, LOL.

Did you see I got to Lunenburg on the weekend? Now that place has my name written all over it, too bad it's sooooo far away!

Sarah O. said...

I downloaded GIMP b/c it's freeware and it sorta replicates the editing capabilities of Photoshop. I discover tricks one day that I can't for the life of me remember the next week, but it's a fun way to mess around without forking out the $100s for Photoshop!

It is unfortunate that there is nothing like Lunenburg so close at hand - picturesque setting and amenities and services nearby as well.