Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thesis causes rift in space-time continuum. Plus more flowers.

I did the unthinkable last night - skipped sailing in order to work on my thesis! It paid off more or less, though, since my second chapter is mostly finished. I'm thinking positive thoughts once again, and whenever things get a bit grim, I contemplate the california poppies in the front yard.

self sowers

I also keep a little sprig of lavender with me at the computer, I smell it when I get a little anxious. Is that odd? Well it works, so it can't be that strange. The bees remind me to stay busy, too.

lavender collage

It's a bit busy at 400 pixels - best viewed large.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Last week I saw this picture over at a blog I read and was absolutely entranced. It's beautiful. It also reminded me that hummingbirds like bee balm, and my one-year-old bee balm was planning on finally blooming (its first year was rough).

I was very, very pleased, then, the first day the flowers were fully open, to meet a male hummingbird while I was out admiring the bee balm, yarrow, and blanketflower. He doesn't come to the feeders (I think he's a polygamist, honest, he likes to keep his home life and his home life separate), so I'm glad to see I can nourish him somehow. Anyway, the very next day I was contemplating the flowers (yes, I do that a lot, but I'm a gardener, remember?) when a female hummingbird started feeding from the bee balm, less than an arm's length away from me.

Anyway, long story short, my picture isn't half so lovely as the one over at Blue Ridge blog, but she's a professional, and I'm just glad I got the chance to document a little slice of summer! Without any further ado:

afternoon snack

Ankles Schmankles

I'm up to my neck in thesis, a little water is nuttin' (knock on wood, obviously, I don't need a downpour in my office while I'm writing).

I'm up late writing tonight, but felt like a little procrastination was in order as well. We are putting in a patio, and Mom has done a lot of backbreaking work to clear out the grass and clay soil. Then we got a month's worth of rain in two days. And this was what our new patio looked like:

The water mostly drained away (we have drainage issues; one of the reasons for the patio), but not before our backyard lake was discovered by a frog. No pictures of him at the moment, but he's totally adorable.

P.S.: I'll have the silly/cheesy photo editing out of my system soon, I swear I half-heartedly commit no, really.

Friday, July 11, 2008


We bought a scanner in preparation for today's trip to Pleasant Point/Kent Island, my grandmother's family home, for a small reunion and a chance to look at photos and family memorabilia. Today's event followed the death of my great uncle, Ivan Kent, in March. He was a great story-teller, a real troublemaker (with his brother Graham), a welcoming host alongside his wife Mildred, and much more besides.

In the end, though, we weren't really able to get through much family lore at all, although I did find one of the most confusing postcards ever (and quite a few racy, risque, and often highly offensive sailors/soldiers postcards from the Second World War. The most common punchline involved a woman's rear end being shaped like a heart). Tell me, do you think the viewer is supposed to assume most of these babies are going to drown? What is the point of sending them to their deaths on a play train? Do you think the little girl in the bonnet has masterminded it all? And do you think this early form of photo-shopping is more or less appealing than Anne Geddes' baby-in-a-pumpkin-type work?

The first picture above, by the way, is in fact the Kent family lighthouse, viewed from the house. It is also a very recent photo, as the power lines indicate - May 2008, in fact. Please forgive me my own immoderate photo editing, whether or not it is as heinous as the Victorian example above.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Allium Christophii

It's been very dry by Nova Scotian standards, but I took this picture one day last week when we had a little bit of light misting. The Allium Christophii are almost completely open now.

(Also testing some photo software that came with a new scanner - more on the reasons for the scanner tomorrow).