Thursday, June 12, 2008

Garden power

I've been stepping out into the yard a few times a day to recharge my batteries as I (attempt to) forge ahead with this thesis. One of the plants that I watch with great pleasure is this Centaurea montana "Gold Bullion", which has two or three flowers starting to open.

Centaurea Montana

Just look at that blue and purple! And the gold-chartreuse leaves are a sight for sore eyes. Well, a sight for eyes that have been staring at a computer screen all day. And then that busy little ant reminds me to get back to work.


Ryan said...


Read your insightful post on my blog.

Have you ever read anything by Sallie McFague?

Sarah O. said...

Thanks Ryan,

I haven't read anything by her - actually hadn't heard of her before today. It may be unrealistically optimistic, but I was hoping to broaden my reading material once this thesis is written - so any suggestions you have are welcome.

Ryan said...

She's an American theologian who writes on feminism and ecology. I read her book "Super, Natural Christians" (title inspired by a trip to BC) which integrates Christian theology into an Christian ecological ethic and mindset. I found it the best theological treatment of the ecological question, which doesn't come up so much in progressive Christian texts.