Monday, June 30, 2008

Feeling bluuuuue

Well, I glumly admitted over a month ago that none of the meconopsis seeds I planted were going to come up. I did have two seedlings before I left for Cyprus in April, but those were obviously doomed from the start - no offense to my father who looked after my plants while I was away. Meconopsis seeds are notoriously fussy.

So if I can't have a Himalayan blue poppy of my own (despite the fact that I have the perfect spot for it, queue dramatic sigh), I can enjoy them in other ways. To whit:

spanish poppies blue full

This is an edit of a photo of my beloved orange Spanish poppy, which blooms its little head off from mid-June into October! If you were to zoom in on this snap shot, you'd notice it's a bit out of focus, but I don't mind. The flowers sway like crazy in the littlest breeze, making it hard to get a good shot, but excellent for dreamy contemplation.

double spanish poppy

Not that I'm ever dreamy these days. Darn thesis!

Also blooming, Jacob's ladder.

jacobs ladder

The leaves smell like skunk spray, the flowers smell like grape kool-aid. Go figure.


Sacred Suzie said...

It seems the only thing growing around here is the grass, it's like a jungle in our backyard and I've been too nervous to go out and look at my tomato and raspberry plants. I like how you created the flowers you wanted, very clever and creative!

Sarah O. said...

Oh, plants will put up with a lot! I hope your are healthy and thriving. Aren't these creative happy accidents great? I was trying to correct the white balance on the picture when I discovered I could get my blue poppies after all. I wonder if this is a bit how the world looks like to bees?

Sacred Suzie said...

Thanks so much for letting me know that Sobeys sells perogies, rock on! I will be checking them out soon. I can not find them at Superstore. I can't believe Polish fest was the same weekend as Greek fest, that is insanity.

kate smudges said...

Sorry to hear about the death of the blue poppy seedlings, but you came up with a perfect alternative! the orange poppies are beautiful and obviously have found a great spot they love.

I've always been curious about why Jacob's Ladder plants smell so skunk-like. I once had a yellow-flowered one that was the worst offender. I had it planted near a path and it ended up being moved and then dying.

I hope your thesis is going well ... being dreamy is good while trying to get it written.

Loved your comment on my blog about gillyflowers in 'Brideshead Revisited'.