Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long-term forecast: looking chilly

snowman hug

With the news coming down from Environment Canada that we can expect a cold, wintry spring, I'm trying to muster the courage to embrace winter the way my nephew is in the picture above. Is it working? Not so much. But I will try to be stoic if we have another Easter like last year.


Layanee said...

What a great picture! I loved your comments on the scarlet runner beans on Ledge and Gardens. Thanks for leaving it. I think it a great idea to keep beans in a jar for comfort. They are so smooth! Who cares what other people think!

Sarah O. said...

Thanks re: the picture! There is something about adorable snowmen that makes you like them, but little kids are just so spontaneous.

I like to think that when I'm at a public lecture and pull a handful of beans out of my pocket, I look like an enigmatic gardener. I probably just look fairy-tale obsessed; I've been asked if they are my "magic beans"!

Puddock said...

Lovely picture Sarah! I guess your winters are longer and colder than ours!Hope your Spring is lovely when it comes.