Thursday, February 07, 2008

New Lost Names (pondering)

I know this will be more accurate, with better information and better guesses, on the Lost message boards tomorrow, but tonight's episode? With the new sort-of Others? Awesome. And it gave me some more names to add to my first post speculating on the appearance of philosophers names on Lost.

UPDATE: Those Losties are fast - the Lostipedia has bios up for the new characters already. The episode synopsis (with links to the character bios) is here.

(oh, avast spoilers)

First of all, his name was given last week: Michael Abaddon - the guy who has arranged this mission to the island. Abaddon is a place of destruction (it shows up in Proverbs 15:11, for one). Wikipedia suggests "Abaddon" can be used as a name - eg., for Satan or the (an) antichrist. It's possible the Lost writers are using it in this pretty darn literal sense, but I will stick to the word as a noun for now.

Then, "Myles Straum," the ghost-talker - kind of obvious, maybe, maelstrom - not a philosopher, but dude is creepy and seems violent/destructive. It's likely very fitting.

"Charlotte Staples Lewis," the anthropologist (who, curiously enough, is interested in polar bear skeletons? Don't they mean archaeologist?) - also obvious, Clive Staples Lewis. I wish I could remember Ben's little biographical sketch of her.

Frank Lapidis (the pilot) - not so sure. Lapidis means stone, right? Literally translated, is it supposed to be an ironic name for a pilot? I don't want to speculate on his first name, because that seems like taking it a bit too far, but I do have a somewhat lame, Golden Compass-like explanation in mind.

Daniel Faraday - the softy physicist - well there was a Michael Faraday who was a physicist, and something to do with electro-magnetic fields and cages, could that mean something (especially considering the island's peculiar electro-magnetic, earth-regulating qualities)?

And then there is also "Minkowski," back on the ship, who was too busy to take a call today. Does that have anything to do with this Minkowski, and something to do with the theory of relativity? Apparently Minkowski was notable for working time into the picture - I like to think this has something to do with a Dharma polar bear skeleton showing up in a Tunisian desert. And time travel. The Entertainment Weekly Lost columnist was speculating today about time travel.

I don't know that any of these names actually have anything to do with the plot of Lost, but I like compiling these little tidbits. At the very least, they will probably show up in an edition of "Scene It!" some day, so I can count it all for the team.

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