Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ferry crossing, thesis prep

Misty refinery morning
I'm in thesis mode these days - sometimes struggling to stay in it - which could mean more or less posting than I have been doing in the last few months. It seems when I spend a lot of time thinking about my thesis, I spend a lot of time thinking about other things as well - such as things to blog about!

I have tried to make more of a habit of working through the day, so I can bring up my productivity and not get in the habit of keeping grad student hours. I have a study carrel in the library, about the size of two phone booths, with posters of dolphins, and 3 calendars from the 1993 Black History Month covering the glass wall. The carrel certainly has created some impetus for me to hurry along - it's like a cell! And I don't have internet access in it, which is both a curse and a blessing.

Given the rather bleak work setting, I have even more reason to start each morning off right. This means I 'treat' myself to a ferry ride. There's nothing like a trip across the harbour in the morning light, with a good mug of coffee and a good book. And what other time of day can the oil refinery actually look kind of pretty?

Georges Island
Since it's the middle of winter (-16 celsius the morning these shots were taken), the waterfront is deserted, the tour boats gone to winter berths or protected as best as possible. But isn't it lovely? And don't find yourself actually feeling sympathy for these poor, cold seagulls?

Seagull Pier

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