Thursday, October 18, 2007


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So I really do intend to do a post for my Newfoundland trip, but the prospect of selecting and editing so many photos has me procrastinating. Which means I am a champion procrastinator - procrastinating my procrastination activities? Smooth.

In any case, I did choose a less-involved, much shorter task yesterday. As far as procrastination goes, it was a good one, too, because it was something that had to be done. What was it? Well, I picked the seeds off a dried cilantro plant that had gone to seed - coriander seeds for my aloo gobi in the winter ahead.

And look! I also provided a wider angle for context. Macros are all very nice, but I have been thinking lately that it's hard to tell a story with them.

Coriander macro
Dried coriander seeds

Coriander harvest
Mason jar and coriander seeds. Oooo, snazzy.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In Progress

I plan on writing a Newfoundland post for those of you who I haven't gushed to in detail, but I want to get further along on the first chapter of my thesis (or save it for a Really Important Procrastination Session), so it will be a few more days yet.

In the meantime, a picture. This is from the Table Mountains (or just past them?), a couple minutes outside Port aux Basques. What a way to start the long drive across the province! I like how the clouds and mist are whipped by the wind into wave shapes.