Friday, September 28, 2007

Nfld. update

I generally only post when I have pictures to share, but the camera is out in the car, and it is windy, dark and wet tonight here in St. John's. My first impressions of Newfoundland? I love it.

My lasting impression of all those hunters with freezers in the backs of their pick-ups and camouflage gear? Snore. No, really. Snore. Don't expect to get any sleep on the NS-Nfld. ferry during hunting season.

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jodi said...

I agree with you completely on the drunken hunters on the ferry--we called them Bubbas and broke into the Dueling Banjos every time we saw a bunch of them prancing around in their designer camoflauge duds--on the ferry!
Have fun in the city of my birth--an awesome place!