Thursday, September 06, 2007

The duck that laid the golden day

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You know your day is going to go well when you start it off by spending ten minutes watching ducks attack sunflowers at the Public Gardens. I walk through the gardens every day after I leave the archives, as it fits into my diagonal shortcut across town to the ferry. Sometimes I cut through the gardens in the morning, too. Usually the only people sharing the gardens with me at 8:20 in the morning are groundskeepers and a few other people on their way to work.

The empty gardens are a boon, because it allows me to, without embarrassment, do what I am sure you must all admit you want to do sometimes: Quack at ducks.

C'mon, you know you want to. You know that every time you see a duck waddling across your path, or blink at you as you disturb his nap, or cock her head at you looking for food, it makes you want to quack.

Well I say go ahead, do it. It will make your day. And the ducks like it too. No, really. Just don't steal their sunflower seeds. There is nothing more threatening (to a 3 year old, at least) than a team of ducks barrelling down at you looking for food. No amount of quacking will save you then.

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jodi said...

Of course I quack at ducks! In public, too. Doesn't everyone? And they quack back. I also gobble-giggle at turkeys, squall at peacocks, and talk to crows and ravens. I find the conversations are often far more enlightening than those held with some humans....:-)