Friday, September 28, 2007

Nfld. update

I generally only post when I have pictures to share, but the camera is out in the car, and it is windy, dark and wet tonight here in St. John's. My first impressions of Newfoundland? I love it.

My lasting impression of all those hunters with freezers in the backs of their pick-ups and camouflage gear? Snore. No, really. Snore. Don't expect to get any sleep on the NS-Nfld. ferry during hunting season.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Nephew blogging: Yes, Peas!

I have a few things coming up shortly: The Silver Sail Ocean Race this weekend, a trip to Newfoundland with Mom, next week, and a chapter deadline. I am, respectively, nervous-excited, excited, and just plain nervous.

But when the anxiety hits (and the multiple coffees and teas I am consuming guarantees that it does), I can just remember Sunday, when Kohl and Kamron (and their mom) came to visit:

Playing nice
Playing nice.

Eating Peas
Eating Peas - Kohl identified everything growing in the garden, told me about how his Daddy's was progressing (two watermelon!), and then we had a great conversation about whether we prefer peas to beans, caterpillars, and how slippery these chairs are (equally slippery, according to Kohl, but I think the blue one is just a *tad* more slippy).

Looking cute
Kam looking cute, and not falling on his face (for the moment. What an adorable klutz!). (The highlights are blown out on this one, but that's the problem with shooting in shade against the sun)

(JO, if you want these in a larger size to print off, let me know)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The duck that laid the golden day

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You know your day is going to go well when you start it off by spending ten minutes watching ducks attack sunflowers at the Public Gardens. I walk through the gardens every day after I leave the archives, as it fits into my diagonal shortcut across town to the ferry. Sometimes I cut through the gardens in the morning, too. Usually the only people sharing the gardens with me at 8:20 in the morning are groundskeepers and a few other people on their way to work.

The empty gardens are a boon, because it allows me to, without embarrassment, do what I am sure you must all admit you want to do sometimes: Quack at ducks.

C'mon, you know you want to. You know that every time you see a duck waddling across your path, or blink at you as you disturb his nap, or cock her head at you looking for food, it makes you want to quack.

Well I say go ahead, do it. It will make your day. And the ducks like it too. No, really. Just don't steal their sunflower seeds. There is nothing more threatening (to a 3 year old, at least) than a team of ducks barrelling down at you looking for food. No amount of quacking will save you then.