Thursday, August 16, 2007

Peas and tranquility

Most of the gardens in the gardening blogs I read are past the time for harvesting peas, but our Nova Scotia summers just keep giving. My pea plants, eaten to the ground by rabbits in early July, knocked over by last week's wind, and chilled by Atlantic fogs, are slowly coming into their best producing time. It means I have been eating peas straight off the vine for the past week, but only tonight did I have enough to harvest for supper. Because of our foggy Eastern Shore nights, they were crispy and sweet, even though it is half-way through August.

Our earliest tomatoes, on the other hand, probably have another week to go. But you won't hear me complaining. The dahlias and gladiolas that bloom well into November make up for it. Gardening certainly reminds me about the balance that life can offer us. Now if I can learn to integrate more of that gardener's equanimity into the other areas of my life...

pea curl

Pea tendrils make me happy.

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