Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A week with the nephew

Mom and I drove up to the valley two Sundays ago and brought home my three-year-old nephew to stay for a week. He attended Daily Vacation Bible School in the mornings, and then Mom (and sometimes myself) found something to entertain him with for the afternoon and evening, before hustling him off to bed in a timely fashion. He is an adorable kid, very bright, inquisitive, and affectionate, and given the somewhat-unfamiliar circumstances and the occasional bout of homesickness, behaved very well for a little boy!

Monday after DVBS, we took Kohl in town to buy him a life jacket and watch the Parade of Sail, as the Tall Ships left the harbour. After explaining to him what we were looking at, and why they had sails, and once the popcorn chicken in the travel mug was gone, he decided to roll down the hill at the Dartmouth Commons. Thinking it a little steep (I imagined a little boy hurtling down the steep grassy slope, looking like a skiier on one of those "Deadly Sports Disasters!" clip shows), we walked down the hill a little further to where it was a gentler slope.

I don't think Kohl has quite mastered the concept of hill rolling, yet; there was a lot of limb flailing and leaping half-somersaults, and not really any proper rolling. I didn't want to get stains on my good jeans, though, so I will have to wait for another opportunity to pass on my auntly hill-rolling wisdom.

Thursday, I took Kohl to the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park. I think the beavers were his favourite (probably because they were the most active). And although he found the word "Caribou" so troublingly bizarre that they required multiple viewings, I think he liked the wild sheep second-best.

Or, rather, he thought it pretty funny that it was peeing in front of him. I never begrudge little boys their potty humour, though, so naturally I took a picture.

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