Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Fly By post

If I don't post tonight, it's going to be another few days, and my deadline guilt just won't allow this. Just call it a fly-by post.

Speaking of flying! There has been a lot of flying activity in our yard the last week or so. Hopefully you won't mind that the friendly pollinator in this first picture is a little blurry. It's very hard to get such busy insects to sit for their portraits. Although, in my defense, when I zoomed in on the original picture, his "fur" was quite fine and detailed - I think maybe this bee is just so soft and cuddly, he looks a little blurry.

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Next up? Butterflies. A herd of five or six descended on the garden by the basement windows for a week or so (there are still some around now that the allium is blooming). Once they got comfortable with me, I could get quite close. So close, we have a little butterfly mooning going on. Behold, the butterfly 'tocks!:

butterfly tocks

Here, this one is a little less insectobscene:
butterfly eyes

Yeah, that's a little freaky, too. Butterflies are lovely until you look them in the eye and remember, "oh right, this is an invertebrate animal, an arthropod of the class insecta, defined by Googlae Eyepodipous, Creepi Mouthitis, and plethora olimbs. I dare anyone with a butterfly tattoo to get something like that tattooed on their, erm (and that's not a typo, btw).

Okay, okay, I think this one is family-friendly and nightmare-free:


Much better.

Finally, a hummingbird, of sorts - a hummingbird moth! He has been hanging around the house for about two weeks now, and I really like his company when I'm in the vegetable garden pulling up chickweed. He lets me get really close, and I like to hold my hand underneath him as he hovers, and feel the cool breeze off his wings.

hummingbird moth

The common theme in all these pictures seems to be "chives," and as far as the onion family goes, I guess they aren't so bad. Certainly not so invasive as those annoying yellow alliums we have. They're really one of those workhorse plants in the garden. Hey, if the butterflies, moths, and bees like them, they're all right with me.

Up next: Mating moths! Not just little moths, either. Big 'uns! In the rain! It's a veritable Romantic Comedy Happy Ending, moth-style! Stay tuned.


Kileah the Little Jedi said...

Heya! Found your blog through looking at Blooming Writer's site! Wonderful writing and pictures! Can't wait to see more!^_^
*pixie dust and faerie wings,
moonlit paths and shiny things!*
~Kileah McIlvain

jodi said...

These are excellent photos--what sort of camera are you using, Sarah? I just got a macro lens for my Canon Rebel XT but I can't get THAT close without a tripod--couldn't afford the most expensive macro so went with what I could afford. I like it though. I love macro images (and your sense of humour!)

Sarah O. said...

Oi, I am so late about replying to comments - but thank you, kileah, I love hearing that people other than the friends and family I force to read my site visit here.

Regarding my camera, I actually use a nice little Olympus SP 350 - it's a semi-complicated compact camera, in that it has a lot of the aperture and shutter and exposure settings that are easily accessible on a digital SLR, except, well, it's compact. I find these cameras have really sharp "super-macro" settings - you don't get the control over depth of field, but you can get within 2 cm and it will still focus. This means that when I do eventually invest in a digital SLR, I will probably still use my compact for macros - I don't expect to be able to afford many fancy lenses at the start.

In short: I use my Olympus SP 350 for almost all of my macro shots, and I sometimes borrow my parent's Olympus E-500 digital SLR for medium-distance shots, and close-ups where I want a short depth of field. I also lost the camera clip thingy for my tripod, so haven't been able to use it all summer. Smooth, eh? I have been known to pull some Cirque de Soleil-like moves to stabilize my camera in low light settings!