Thursday, June 28, 2007

Gone Sailing

Inbetween interminable hours staring at my computer, the mad dashes outside to scare off the FOUR rabbits gorging themselves on the garden, and sleep, I have been sailing.

I sailed the last two weekends, and the last three Wednesdays. In a period of 15 days, I sailed seven of them. Racing, of course. Although I imagine the man I crew for puts in a fair amount of leisure cruising, I'm generally only present for the somewhat pressure-filled racing sails. This is my sixth year sailing, the third on Windseeker, and while I have always loved it, between this year's sailing conditions (some pretty hairy moments in strong winds, and I'm ignoring the rainy race with no wind where we drifted backwards into the harbour with the tide) and our racing team, things are better than ever.

I'm not the kind of person who loves high-stress situations (academic deadlines aside), heck, I can't even watch a Die Hard movie without biting my fingernails down to the quick, but the high-pressure moments of sailing, when your heart starts racing and your breath come shorts just from the adrenaline rush, are addictive. It's great. So if you want to find me, just check out the harbour. I'll be on the boat with "J 30" on the mainsail, and "Allstream" on the spinnaker.

I'm going to try and post more shortly!

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Jay said...

Sounds a little bit like heaven.