Friday, May 11, 2007

Trouble-shooting Rhubarb

Rhubarb uncoils Rhubarb and me. I could write a memoir. The main plot would be "woman against rhubarb." Or the more nuanced version, "woman against rhubarb even though it is for that stubborn plant's own good." Haven't heard that particular plot device before? That's odd, Joseph Campbell was all over it. That quest of the hero, where the hero descends into the underworld, and returns with new hope for humankind? Yeah, that's actually about me. Ancient typo. It's supposed to say "Sarah," not Hercules. And it isn't "Cerberus," it's "rhubarb." Sheesh. Those illiterate ancients.


You may remember, there was this:


The conundrum was how to get it here:

big hole

(The title of this picture is "big hole")

Well, the first step, was to use an intricate process of hacking and shoveling and pick-axing and leverage to get it to this point:

rhubarb uprooted

Let's get a close-up of that.

Belly of the rhubarb beast.

Oooh, rhubarb gore.

But never fear, there is a purpose to this rhubarb massacre. Behold, the rhubarb triad:


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Here and here.

And don't forget the aftermath:

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I call this one "More digging More Work"

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jodi said...

Delightful post, Sarah! I'm going to have a similar battle when I divide and move the darmera, which has grown marvelously in a wet spot for a few years but is now encroaching on other plants. I'm told an ax and saw will be good tools to use.
thank you also for your kind words about the loss of our cherished kitty. Today is a better day but the other catchildren know something is amiss and are being very attentive to one another and to us.