Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Pushkinia and my dream job (this week)


Wow, I just can't get enough of the spring, can I? Behold: pushkinia. I actually didn't know what they were called until I stumbled across this blog the other day and she mentioned it in one of her posts. If any of you like gardening - or want to understand why digging holes until I'm ready to collapse fills me with such joy - I'd recommend you make the occasional visit to Jodi DeLong's blog. Her writing eloquently captures the things that make gardening so addictive. Oh, and it is informative and good-natured and wryly humourous in all the right places.

In case this isn't enough fan-girling for you (of a gardener and writer, no less), let me enthuse further. Gardening means many things to many people, but the most personal expressions of designing and planning your own space, of working alongside nature (and knowing when to let nature rule the day), coaxing plants along, discovering your personal aesthetics, the anticipation (and sometimes suspense), the exercise, and the world of possibilities and information that open up to the interested gardener, are just a few of the things that infuse DeLong's writing.

I was asked recently if I would ever consider doing journalism again in the future, and in the first bloom of finding this blog (okay, I admit, I have spent a few years painfully racking my brain to come up with freelance ideas for Saltscapes), I could confidently say I would do what DeLong does, in a flash. In my soberer moments, I know I would have to get over that darn fear of talking to strangers to ask them questions. The phone is always a reluctant journalism student's best friend.

But Jodi DeLong, if you're reading this, don't worry. I'm not out to take your job. I still have an MA to finish, some travelling to do, and you know, find some kind of job, and a house, and maybe get a pygmy goat first. Oh, and learn how to write shorter sentences. The j-schooling is already fading.

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