Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day: ulterior motives

I am so far away from owning a home with a yard full of gardening potential, but even so, oodles of gift-giving spirit and practicality could not prevent me from also dreaming about one day, far in the future, when I will cut some clippings from this white forsythia that I bought Mom for mothers day, and propagate one of my own:

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Lakeland had one inside a few weeks ago when Dad and I went in, and it filled the whole greenhouse with its scent. I have been reading up on the white forsythia since I bought it (for instance, it is not a true forsythia, but a relative, originating in Korea). Most sites say that after the flowers are gone in early spring, it has no ornamental value whatsoever. I tend to disagree, because I think the way the branches arch is very lovely, and some prudent pruning will prevent it from turning into a choked-up heap of twigs. I have also been thinking about plants to put around it, in case it does look a little plain jane in the summer. Once the leaves open and I see their colour, I will have a better idea.

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Mom is suggesting putting it at the bottom of the bank in front. I only wonder if it will be bud hardy? But everything I found online is quite contradictory about that, so I'll have to wait and see if it puts on another show next spring.

Just looking at these pictures gives me GAWs - Gardener Anticipation Wriggles. I won't even get started on Lakeland Plantworld's perennial selection this year!

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