Wednesday, May 16, 2007

April showers bring May showers

Maple buds

It hasn't been a remarkable May yet, mostly cloudy, cold when sunny, and today, rainy. I'm not complaining (about the rain at least), so long as my plants are okay. And even though the trees are just starting to bud, there is some colour to keep me going. First, the forsythia, and second, the goldfinches:


I like this guy. I'm sure he's just being wary, but he looks like he's whistling. Cheekily.

Just now, although I don't have any pictures for you, two large rabbits (technically, snowshoe hares) chased each other around the yard and looking as ferocious as possible. Very entertaining. I wonder if they are mating, or just being territorial? In any case, it's an honour to know our yard is interesting enough for either activity.

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