Saturday, March 10, 2007

Waxing and waning: mooning over history

This was a good weekend for me and history. The graduate conference is on this weekend, and although I only attended the opening lecture, the meet and greet, and one session this morning, each one was exactly the kind of topical, thought-provoking experience that I needed. It was an unexpected chance to recharge. The long talk with my supervisor, which helped me refocus my thesis and my thoughts, didn't hurt either.

Something else lately that made me feel better? Monday night, and this view of the moon from my bedroom window. I call it "The Moon Nebula." Not very original, I know, but look at it. Don't you feel like you've seen this before on Star Trek, or the Discovery Channel, or somethin'? Can you imagine that sense of awe you feel when you suddenly look up and see the great sky far above you? That was Monday night.

The Moon Nebula

But really? If I'm really being honest? Forget Star Trek's opening credits. This picture makes me want to pull an "Emily of New Moon" and tramp off over snowy fields, return to a warm room with a pot-bellied stove in it, and write stories until the sun rises and peeks its amber face in my window. Oh yes. LM Montgomery season is almost upon me! And I can thank the moon.

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